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The Winston Salem Street School began serving students in Winston Salem, NC, in 2004. The school’s target population is students that have not found success in the public school environment for numerous reasons, behavioral issues, depression, anxiety, bullying, becoming a teen parent, developmental barriers to learning, not fitting in, etc. Including the Class of 2022, the Street School has seen nearly 300 students graduate from the program and gain a new lease on life. 


One area the Street School looked to improve is better preparing students for life after high school. This includes ensuring students have the necessary tools and plans to continue their education or better their standing in the workforce. This realization created the school’s Career Prep Program. What began as an effort to equip students for post-Street School life in 2019 quickly became a part of the school’s curriculum and mandatory course load, especially for upcoming graduates. 


Street School Board member and Chair of the Career Readiness Committee, Dr. Telisha Roberts, and business networks conduct a weekly session for students each year and introduce them to everything needed for life after high school – The Career Prep Program. The program includes resume writing, interview skills, communication tactics, job shadowing, employment searches, self-awareness, confidence building, soft-skills training, and 1:1 mentoring.


Many students have pointed to this program as the reason they entertained continuation of their education or better positioned themselves as viable and employable candidates for the workforce.


Learn more about the Winston Salem Street School here (add a link to the school's website)

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