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The US economy has moved from an industrial economy to one driven by knowledge and innovation. Rapid economic shifts require programs that create and cultivate inquiry-driven learners. Employers want graduates prepared to address unanticipated business challenges and identify new business opportunities. Creative and data-disciplined problem solvers are needed to develop new and innovative ideas needed to compete in competitive markets. Real-world business experiences are critical to helping graduates prepare for living-wage careers.


Visa is committed to investing in the leaders of tomorrow, cultivating an inclusive and diverse workplace, and working together to enable individuals, businesses, and economies to thrive. In partnership with Visa, Creative Intentions provides professional and personal development training to Visa Black Scholars and Jobs program participants.


Creative Intentions designed a custom program for the Visa Black Scholar and Jobs program to address the specific needs and interests of Visa Scholars to prepare them for success in current markets. Creative Intentions’ programming enhances Visa Scholars’ employment opportunities and earning potential. Visa’s customized services address:


•       Critical Thinking

•       Idea Creation

•       Adaptability

•       Influencing

•       Creative Problem-Solving


•       Professionalism

•       Oral/Written Business Communication

•       Teamwork/Collaboration

•       Leadership

•       Career Management

•       Navigating Life’s Realities


Check out the content page for clips of Creative Intentions at the Visa Scholar Summits. (add a link to the Creative Intentions content page)

Learn more about the scholarship opportunity here (add a link to the Visa Black Scholar and Jobs scholarship page)

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